Leather Craft (and other!) Classes


We Love Teaching!

Charles has a passion for teaching!  He especially enjoys teaching subjects that are “hands-on” experiences.  Are you looking for a class on basic leathercrafting?  Carving wooden spoons?  Or, maybe you want to learn about Dutch oven cooking?  These are just a few of the classes we’ve taught at Boulder Creek Saddle Shop.


We experimented with several different class schedules and subjects, but eventually abandoned the idea of hosting classes on pre-determined dates.  We’ve learned that in today’s hectic and fast-paced world, we need to give our students much more flexibility for attending classes that fit their schedules.  With that in mind, we no longer have a listing of class dates.  If you are looking to attend a class give us a call, or email us, with the dates that work for you.  We’ll work with you to coordinate a class date that is agreeable to both of us.  Depending on the subject matter, our classes can range in length from four hours to three days.


While we love teaching classes, we also have to keep in mind that we are a working leather shop with paying customers and project deadlines.  For that reason, we’ve found we can’t easily accommodate one-on-one classes or classes with less than four students.  In order to make the classes cost-effective we need to have a minimum of four students.  Depending on the type of class, we can handle up to twelve students.  Are you a member of a club, organization, team, group of friends, or large family?  If so, contact us to set up a class for your group.  We’ve taught classes to Scouts, 4-H clubs, church congregations, extended families, home-schoolers, and more.


We teach a wide variety of “hands-on” subjects.  We try to keep the tuition fees reasonable but keep in mind that material expenses can change over time and may necessitate a price change that may not yet be reflected here on the website. Here are a few of the classes we’ve taught in the past…

Introduction to Basic Leatherworking:  A three-day class for folks who are seriously interested in learning, and launching themselves into, the world of leather crafting.  Since most hobbyists don’t have access to expensive leather cutters and stitching machines emphasis is placed on using basic hand tools and hand-stitching of leather.  ($300.00 per student.)

Making Leather Pancake Holsters:  A one-day class on making a pancake-style holster.  Students will learn how to make a paper pattern for any kind of handgun and then how to transform that pattern into a good looking and very practical leather holster.  ($85.00 per student.)

Making Leather Belts:  A half-day class for those who want to learn how to cut, stamp, dye, and put together their own leather belt.  ($60.00 per student.)

Leather Crafts For Kids:  A half-day class specifically for younger children (ages 7 through 11).  In this class the students learn how to stamp and dye leather and will make age-appropriate items such as wrist bands or key fobs.  ($15.00 per student.)

Making Leather Covered Canteens:  A two-day class in which students will turn a basic two-quart canteen into a beautiful leather covered piece of art.  These canteens can be used by horseback riders or hikers.  ($150.00 per student.)

Carving Wooden Spoons:  One of Charles’ favorite classes!  In this class he teaches students how to use just three tools (a small axe, a straight knife, and a hooked knife) to turn a piece of green alder wood into a functional and good-looking spoon.  Class length is about 4 hours.  ($20.00 per student.)

Dutch Oven Cooking:  About three to four hours in length.  This class introduces students to the joys of Dutch oven cooking.  We’ll actually cook an entire meal in Dutch ovens and as a bonus, we get to eat the fruits of our labors!  ($30.00 per student.)

Introduction to Man-Tracking:  When he was an Alaska State Trooper, Charles was heavily involved in search and rescue operation.  He’s participated in several hundred SAR missions.  As a result, the art of man-tracking became a valuable tool for him.  In this one-day class he’ll teach you how to identify signs and clues, how to use a tracking stick, and how to follow a track line.  Much of this class is outdoors, so dress appropriately for the expected weather!  ($75.00 per student.)

8-Week Leather Crafting Course for Home Schoolers:  This class is specifically aimed at home-schooled students, 11 years and older.  Class is held once a week, for three hours each week.  This is an actual course, rather than just a simple class.  Students are required to take notes in class, have homework assignments, and take written tests.  Along the way they learn about various types of leather, how to safely use leather tools, how to stamp and decorate leather, how to hand-stitch pieces together, and how to install hardware such as snaps, rivets, and buckles.  Students will work on a new project each week, culminating in making a belt for themselves during the last two classes.  This is a really fun class and students who have taken the class loved it!  ($250.00 per student.)


Don’t see the class topic you’re looking for?  Well, give us a call, or email us with your request and we’ll let you know if it’s a class we can teach!