Charles starts with a brand new 2-quart canteen. He cuts out the leather pieces, stamps them, dyes them, and stitches them together by hand. As a result, no two canteens are alike and each has its own unique character.

We even cover the screw-on cap with leather. A lot of companies omit this feature, leaving the plastic cap visible. We think that distracts from the "old-timey" appearance of the canteen.

We also attach a 1-inch wide shoulder strap to the canteen, with a buckle to allow for length adjustment. A latigo (tie-down string) is attached to the bottom of the canteen so it can be tied down to avoid bouncing around when your horse is trotting. Our canteens are generally intended to be hung from the horn of your saddle, but the strap is long enough to sling over your shoulder for hiking.

Canteens start at $125. We can add a name or other lettering for an additional fee.  (Note: Our canteens are made one at a time, as they are ordered.  The ones you see in the photos have aready been sold.  Give us a call to discuss the canteen we can make for you.)