Boulder Creek Saddle Shop specializes in "Old West" or "Old Timer" style saddles.  Saddles from the 1870's through 1890's are our specialty.  Half-seat, slick fork, high cantle, exposed stirrup leathers, and Sam Stagg rigging are all combined to create a unique, beautiful, and rugged saddle that will serve you well for many years.  In fact, you will probably be able to pass one of these saddles down to your kids!  

Our saddles are made to be used!  We don't do fancy leather carving or padded seats.  There are lots of saddlemakers elsewhere who do that work and we greatly admire their art.  Compared to other makers, our saddles are pretty plain, but their style brings to mind the cowboys and explorers of the Old West, while at the same time being strong and dependable.  Stop by our shop and let's talk about making your saddle.

Our saddles start at $2200.

Western Saddle